About Our Company

Products That Reflect Our Values.

We are family owned and operated, and we founded our business to help make the funeral process easier and more affordable. From our customer service to our website, we built everything with a mind towards helping people during difficult times. We've experienced first hand how difficult the funeral planning process can be, and we hope selling quality caskets online, at fair prices, makes things a little easier.

Inspected by Master Craftsmen.

Each and every one of our caskets undergoes several rigorous checks for quality, from the grain of the wood to the color of the velvet and polish on brass attachments. We source our materials from trustworthy, consistent suppliers in order to ensure nothing is left to chance with the finished casket. Any defective caskets are removed from the supply to ensure what you get is only of the highest quality.

Warrantied and Insured.

We stand behind every casket that we sell. Each casket comes with a complete warranty and is backed by over $1 million in product liability insurance so you and your loved ones can shop with confidence.

Advocates for the consumer.

Funeral homes normally mark up casket costs in order to make more money acting as a retail outlet. Our caskets are of similar (or better) quality, but we can sell them for much less because we've cut out the middle man in order to sell directly to you. The savings are passed along directly to our customers. And by law, funeral homes must accept our caskets — and they can't charge you an additional fee for using one.

A commitment to sustainability.

We use American-grown wood in our caskets, a large percentage of which comes from sustainably grown forests. As we work toward 100% sustainable growth wood, we've committed to planting one tree on American soil for every casket ordered through our website.