How Much Does a Casket Weigh?

In the midst of all the emotional and familial concerns that surround planning a funeral, it can often be difficult to discern the specifics of the most practical elements of the service. How much should a casket really cost? Do I have to buy one from the funeral home? And how much does a casket weigh, anyways? At Willow & Werth, we try to demystify these important practical questions and bring some transparency to the death care industry. Here we’ll focus on the last of these: how much does a casket weigh? This can be a surprisingly important consideration, given that the casket will likely be carried by friends and family members as part of the service.

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Daniel Adler
What Are Casket Accessories?

The variety of options available make it easy for families to choose custom elements on any budget, and to fit any type of casket and service. Most pieces can complement either wood or metal caskets, and can be simple or ornamental, private or prominently displayed. Especially when families find an inexpensive but beautifully constructed casket, accessories and add-ons are the perfect way to make the casket and the funeral service feel intimate and unique.

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How to Choose a Casket

There are several important factors that must be taken into consideration when choosing a casket for a loved one, some practical and some sentimental. Does the casket comply with all necessary regulations? Does it appropriate reflect the memory of the deceased or the aesthetic of the funeral venue? To help simplify these choices, here we provide a breakdown of the three major steps that go into choosing a casket, and the order in which to approach them.

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