What the FTC Funeral Rule Means for Consumers

Consumers have more protection and choices than ever when it comes to planning funerals for their loved ones. This is largely due to the Federal Trade Commission's Funeral Rule, which states:

"Buy only the funeral arrangements you want. You have the right to buy separate goods (such as caskets) and services (such as embalming or a memorial service). You do not have to accept a package that may include items you do not want."

What does this mean for you? While the most common way to buy a casket has traditionally been at a funeral home, these may be much more expensive and involve high retail markups. In fact, the FTC estimates the average casket bought at funeral homes costs over $2,000, hundreds of dollars more than Willow & Werth's handcrafted, solid-wood caskets.

Fortunately, funeral homes do not have a monopoly on goods associated with funerals, burials, and other services involved with putting a loved one to rest. If you buy a casket from Willow and Worth, any funeral home in the United States must accept it. They cannot refuse to handle a casket bought elsewhere, and they cannot charge you an extra fee to use an outside casket. Nor can they require you to be present for the casket's delivery to their place of business.

The FTC's Funeral Rule gives more control to the consumer and less to the traditional costs structures associated with funeral services. To learn more, or if you still have questions, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Daniel Adler