Why Do Willow & Werth Caskets Cost Less Than Others I've Seen?

We founded Willow & Werth because we were tired of the funeral industry's lack of transparency. Funeral homes serve as middlemen retailers, often reselling caskets at big retail markups in order to make more money. Our caskets are the same high-quality product you'll find in many funeral homes, but here's where we're different: We're selling directly to the consumer, which means fewer markups and more savings for purchasers.

We don't have the high overhead associated with a retail location (like a funeral home); we just make handmade, high-quality caskets that we sell directly online. There are fewer sellers in the supply chain, which means the price doesn't have to creep up with each new link.

Willow & Werth caskets are cheaper not because they're low-quality, and we certainly don't cut corners in our manufacturing process (or even shipping — we pride ourselves on that, too). They're cheaper because there aren't as many steps in between the artisans constructing them and the purchaser.

More transparency, lower costs for the consumer. That's why we're proud to sell caskets online.


Daniel Adler