Why Willow and Werth Caskets Are Handmade

At Willow and Werth, we take craftsmanship very seriously. That attention to detail starts in our manufacturing process, where our handmade caskets begin taking shape. We start with the finest quality materials, including crushed white velvet fabric and solid, American-grown poplar, 80% of which comes from sustainable growth forests.

Every step of our casket manufacturing process occurs by hand. Interiors are hand-stitched. Two expert, experienced carpenters assemble each and every casket by hand. Sanding, staining, and polishing are all done by hand.

There are multiple quality checks at every stage of manufacturing. We inspect for defects at every step along the way. Fabrics, stitching, accessories, and lumber each have their own individual quality checks before a final inspection that occurs pre-shipping.

It's this level of care, precision, and craftsmanship that enables us to say our caskets are truly on par with — if not a step above — the finest you'll find in funeral homes at much higher costs.

Daniel Adler