What Are Casket Accessories?

Most families strive to use the elements of a funeral service to reflect the values and personality of their deceased loved one. The casket is the perfect place to celebrate their life by incorporating available customizable add-ons and accessories.

Whether the deceased was an avid fisher, a musician, or a veteran, families have a wide variety of options to honor their hobbies and passions. Here we offer a breakdown of the available accessories that can be used to customize a casket.

Outside the Casket

The exterior of the casket offers many opportunities for customization. Inlaid panels are some of the most common decorative elements. They most often feature on wooden caskets, and incorporate different varieties of wood or finishes to contrast with the rest of the casket. Designs can include personal emblems, symbols to commemorate military service, or religious designs.

The corners of the casket can also be used to add a personalized element. The motifs on casket corners can reflect the deceased’s hobbies, such as fishing or music, or favorite places, such a farm or a lighthouse. These three-dimensional carved or molded corners can either be buried with the casket or removed and kept as a keepsake of the service.

The most traditional decorative element for the outside of a casket is a plaque, or nameplate. Engraved plates have a long history as casket markets, and were used as far back at the 17th century. The plates are most often made of metal, and can be engraved with the name of the deceased, or with the emblems of the deceased’s clubs or organizations, such as the Masons, Elks, and Knights of Columbus.

Inside the Casket

The interior of the casket can be a more intimate and personal place to hold memories of the deceased. Customization can begin with the liners, mattresses, and pillows inside the casket, which can be made of a variety of materials including satin and linen. Liners can be arranged in different styles: a simple casket might work well with an unembellished liner in a plain color, while a more ornate casket could feature a ruffled liner in a more luxurious fabric.

Many families choose to use memory boxes as a way to honor personal memories without ordering a custom feature. Memory boxes can be simple holders for a wide variety of keepsakes: photo albums, registry books, personal effects. They can also be equipped with a lock. Families looking for a more detailed and hidden feature can request memory drawers built into the casket lid to hold small keepsakes and personal effects. Similarly, burial pockets can be used for smaller items. These are cloth envelopes that can be tucked inside the casket with the deceased. Sometimes hand-sewn or embroidered, these can hold letters or small memorabilia, and are a lovely way to add a personalized touch to the casket.

One of the most common ways to customize a casket are personalized casket lids: embroidered or printed panels placed under the casket lid so that they can be displayed during the funeral service. Any image can be used from religious symbols such as a cross or a guardian angel, to flowers, music notes, or pictures of the deceased.

Final Thoughts

The variety of options available make it easy for families to choose custom elements on any budget, and to fit any type of casket and service. Most pieces can complement either wood or metal caskets, and can be simple or ornamental, private or prominently displayed. Especially when families find an inexpensive but beautifully constructed casket, accessories and add-ons are the perfect way to make the casket and the funeral service feel intimate and unique.