Rich Walnut - Poplar Wood - Rosetan Crepe Interior

Rich Walnut - Poplar Wood - Rosetan Crepe Interior


Rich Walnut is one of the most striking 100% sustainable poplar caskets available. Experienced craftsmen polish and sand this finely grained wood by hand selecting only the finest timber to create a casket that is a work of art. Rich Walnut is distinguished and meticulously finished with a high gloss rich Walnut stain to bring out the wood's highlights. Its plush Rosetan Crepe interior with deeply pleated bedding and sunburst pleated cap panel make it ideal for a woman or a man. Stationary handles are adorned with cast brass renditions of Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper and the squared corners depict Michelangelo’s Pieta'. Rich Walnut is a true masterpiece; stunningly beautiful, environmentally friendly and the perfect tribute to the one you love. Imported.

Interior dimensions: 76.37"L x 22.75"W x 15"H.
Exterior Dimensions: 81.87"L x 29.5"W x 23.62"H.

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